I’m a producer and site designer. I also teach aspiring producers how to make good beats. Producers subscribe here and be the first to know about my weekly tutorials.

About Me

I’m Evan Mays, a hip-hop beat producer from Long Island, New York. I love music and have been making it since the Summer of 2011. I really love the whole idea of making a change in people’s lives with music.

I think what separates me from other producers is my experience and my willingness to contribute. I started playing Cello while young and have 6 years of experience. I know plenty of music theory and I love to help out with writing catchy choruses!

If you’re interested in working with me please contact me at Business@EvanMays.com (631)-965-7484 Get my drum kit at https://sellfy.com/p/V2Y0

Site Design & Hosting

I run a business which makes sites for people in the music industry. I manage the sites at a monthly fee with design updates done all the time.

If you’d like more information contact me at business@evanmays.com or visit the Mays Web Hosting website: mayswebhosting.com

Using My Beats

Please contact me for Pricing: business@evanmays.com

  • Beat may be resold if finished song is unreleased
  • I own the beat copyrights, buyer owns copyrights to finished song.
  • Beat received in mp3, wav, and tracked out wav.

Social Media

Twitter @EvanMaysMusic

Instagram @EvanMaysMusic



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