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Jan 25th, 2018

I Made a VR Game in 21 Days

by Evan Mays

Today is the last day of my challenge to learn virtual reality development in 21 days. Over the past few days, I made a few small additions/changes to my game. Today, I finished the game!

I changed/added five more pieces to the game over the past few days.

  • 1. I removed the drones. I replaced them with characters who move across the room. These moving characters are harder to hit than characters who stand still.
  • 2. New designs. The game was a little bland with only one type of construction worker and one type of bad guy. So, I added new character designs to spice things up.
  • 3. Background music. What kind of game would it be without background music? Not a fun one. Music is necessary.
  • 4. I updated the crosshair design. The crosshair is cool because it only shows up when the player is shooting. It's a challenge because instead of aiming then shooting. The player has to shoot then aim.
  • 5. New score system (game mechanics). I took a hint from Fruit Ninja on this one. In Fruit Ninja, there's a 60-second timer that counts down until the round is over. When the player slices a fruit, they gain a point. When the player slices a bomb, they lose time from their timer. My game will use similar mechanics. I'll replace fruit with bad guys and bombs with construction workers.

The Final Product

The rules of the game are simple. Shoot the bad guys, don't shoot the construction workers. The player has 60 seconds to hit as many bad guys as possible.

I'll put a video of me playing the game below. If you have some coding experience and want to try the game out for yourself, check out the source code on GitHub:


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